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Everyone aspires to enjoy a sound economic condition and highly respected social position. But lack of professional skill and suitable expertise are the major constraints that restrain one to be selected for a good job in the modern companies. This problem has been aggravated with the liberalization of the Indian economy during the post 1991 era. As a result of that a long queue of the unemployed youths may be observed in front of the different employment exchanges located across this country. While the manufacturing companies are not getting suitable persons having adequate skill and knowledge to assume the responsible jobs in the areas of production and maintenance, as the youths are not skilled and trained to work there in a competitive environment. This is a peculiar type of unemployment problem in which India is suffering by the worst extent. The economists consider this kind of problems as ‘Structural Unemployment’. 

The process of economic liberalization has exposed the Indian manufacturers to stringent degree of competition in this globalized era. In one hand, they are required to maintain quality standard as observed by companies across the globe to compete in the market.  While on the other side, they are also required to be highly productive to achieve cost effectiveness and to maintain profitability so as to stay in their businesses. Skilled workers are considered to be the prime movers to achieve better quality and higher productivity in the most cost effective manner. There is always a scarcity of skilled personnel in the various sectors of our country. The sole Bishnupur Public Industrial Training Institute is to impart proper training with the support of our committed faculties so as to develop skill and expertise among the students of ordinary merit. We offer suitable academic environment and state of the art workshop for the students in the trades like, Fitter and Electrician so that they may learn about the trades and develop their skill. We also wish to start other trades like,  Welder and Surveyor. We offer rigorous practical training as per the norms of National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) by the qualified and trained instructors. Strong emphasis is been given on practical issues to make the students confident enough to meet the incremental expectations of the companies. In addition to the regular classes, the students are also encouraged to organize skill development programs and workshops by the experienced professionals chosen from the industries so to improve and sharpen their knowledge. Following the completion of the course of studies, the companies are invited at our campus for the final placement of our students. We are committed to assure the best level of placement assistance to our bonafide students and students are also trained to meet the incremental challenges in the industries. 

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Bishnupur Public Industrial Training Institute

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